Saturday, January 12, 2013

What a bad blogger I've been...

Okay,'s been a while.  Like two years a while.  Not good.  This blog is for my kids.  Its for me to print out and hand them one day and say..."look, see! I was a good mom!  Or at least, I tried to be!"  It's to help jog my memory as I get old and start telling the same stories over and over.  It's to remind me of all that we have accomplished as a family.  The failures, the successes, the heartbreaks, the laughs, and the silly moments.

I have made no real New Year's resolutions this year, because I barely ever keep them.  So, instead I am making a real effort to start up my cataloger of embarrassing moments of my children and our lives that I can show their friends in high school and mortify them with.  That should really motivate me.

Quick updates-

Maggie, 6, 1st grade.  Still blonde and blue-eyed- she is funny one minute, frustrating the next.  We call her "Maggie 'take-it-too-far'" because she always does...usually to the point of her brother's tears or my breakdown.  But she is a wonderful kid.  She is still into dramatic play.  She loves to perform, especially to tell jokes.  She's got quite a dance style that I hope to capture one day on film and post here.  I surprised her yesterday at school as the mystery reader for her class.  She was so excited.  Its moments like this that really make me so happy that I am a mom and that I have such wonderful kids.

Ben is 4 and is in pre-K.  He will be joining Maggie at her elementary school this fall.  Its amazing how much he has grown.  No longer a baby but a little boy.  He's rough and tumble but still loves to cuddle and those are my favorite moments with him.  "Mommy, I just want to snuggle," he'll say as he climbs up onto my lap.  It's precious.  He has a best friend Jack who is the cutest kid and we like his parents a lot which is always a bonus.

I have a new job.  Left my company in November after nearly 8 years.  Jay is still doing his interior painting thing and we are still fixing up the house...right now we are doing the basement.  Correction- Jay is doing the basement.

I hope to write more soon!

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geekymummy said...

Welcome back! Your kids are gorgeous!


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