Thursday, December 09, 2010

MaggieTalks Serious Santa

Kids DO say the darndest things.  Huh.

Me: Maggie- get back in to bed!

Maggie tip toes across the room- "Mom, can you hear me?"

Me: No, get back into bed.

Maggie: "Good, then I can tip toe downstairs and surprise Santa and say Boo and his hat will fly off onto my head."

Maggie: "Mommy, I think I should just leave some keys outside for Santa so he can get in. I have way better ideas than him, or the Easter Bunny."

Maggie contemplates what we should leave Santa for a snack.  "Milk and cookies.  And carrots.  And tofu.  And oatmeal. And Life cereal. Then he might stay for breakfast."

And we're not even through the first twelve days of the month yet, so I assume there will be more.  Stay tuned!


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