Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Recent Life- Wax Poetic

Here it is...
The last forty days of my life,
And despite what I write...
Its isn't simply just tales of strife

Alas, no!  It tis not!  Well, at least, not a lot
In fact, its always so much more that I got

These last forty days are mixed with aggrevation
Something that has halted my recent blog-versation

I got sick, had a health scare, and conversely stopped running
And for lack of a better word...I started bumming

I gained back ten plus pounds of the 22 lost
I started my new job, an accomplishment with cost

I juggle, and struggle, to make my kids proud
To not yell, get frustrated, or overly loud

In the last 40 days, I got four reports about biting
That my terrible two-son likes playground fighting

Is it me?  Since I work?  Am I doing him harm?
I swear no kids bite, with stay-at-home moms

But guess what? Here it is...I love my career
And my husband likes his despite all our fears

Although he, just like me, I know he debates it
We can't afford to stay home or to work, so we fake it

I can't keep up with the laundry, and I never take pictures
I miss having friends to sit and and just be with

My son can't stop hitting, my daughter likes to whine
But on good days he's an angel, and she is divine

I love every little last thing that they do
Even when they wake up at a quarter till two

No matter what happens around each crazy corner
When they say I love you, I'm completely a goner

I have a husband who loves me, and tolerates all my ways
As I'll tolerate his, till the end of our days

And our kids are just beauties, wonders, delights
They are parts of us, and before I know it, they will have their own plights

So, there it is, all my rhyming attempts
The attempts to capture 40 days of defense

Defense of the bills, and sick days, and thrills
The fort of our family that stands up to all ails

I am proud of our stance
And our family of four
I would not change a thing
Except a guarantee, of 40,000 more....


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