Monday, January 25, 2010

EA Active on the Wii- Day 1

We got the Wii and WiiFit for Christmas this year and Jay just recently ordered me EA Active for the system.  Today is Day 1 of the 30 Day Challenge.  It was a pretty decent workout.  I did low intensity and only 20 minutes and was sweating a bit at the end. (Note the slightly sweaty but smiling face to the left)  My favorite exercise so far is the in-line skating where you stay in a crouch position to skate faster and then jump up to go off the ramps.  It is a bit of a plyometric exercise which should work well with training for the half-marathon.  I think that the best part about this is that I did all twenty minutes with the kids right beside me.  We did have to pull out some old resistance bands for them to play with since they coveted the one the game came with, but overall, they were patient and enjoyed the whole thing.  They were even cheering me on when I was doing target punching. In 20 minutes I only burned 100 calories, but if I do this in addition to my running, I should see a difference.  So, Day 1.  29 to go!


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