Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love Your Body Today

Today is National Love Your Body Day. I think there are a lot of superfluous “days” out there in honor of some pretty ridiculous things such as February 11 is … White Tee-Shirt Day , and October 24 is … National Bologna Day...

However, I think that this particular National Day is not ridiculous. The ridiculous part is that we need one. I think this day should be promoted to the young girls in classrooms, physical education and health courses across the country.

This is a day that should be spent telling women that we are all unique and how we should all love ourselves and our bodies. We should respect ourselves and embrace what we have been born with.

Don't get me wrong, I am not always there. I often feel bloated, fat and unhappy with my legs, my arms, my smile… and start to contrast and compare. In a world full of botox, liposuction, and spanx, I can’t help but to question whether I am nuts to want to grow old gracefully as who I am.

But then I stop.

I stop the noise and the outside influences. I stop harping on the things I might not love about myself and focus on the healthy road I have started down. The 22 pounds I have lost this year. The races I have run and finished. The 100 road miles I have put onto my running shoes. And I think most of all of my daughter and how I am going to be a good example for her. I am going to tell her how beautiful she is. I am going to help her to love herself and her body as she is, always.

Today I was inspired by some amazing health blogger's like Roni from Roni's Weigh who said, “Imagine growing up in a world where a young girl can see her body in a positive role model that didn’t focus on negativity about that body as they compare it to some absurd cultural norm but instead sees someone that looks like them and loves themselves unconditionally.” I was so inspired by this and thought, why can’t I be a positive role model? So in tribute to Roni and Mish from Eating Journey,Exposed. And loving every bit of it. and others who bravely bared all... and for myself, my daughter and all of us who often struggle with our self-image, I decided to do an ‘Exposed’ piece for this day. So here I am


MIchelle @Eatingjourney said...

never in a hundred million years did I think that I would see something so amazing happen. Thank you for supporting this. You're truly an inspiration and you look great!

bebe's mama said...

you are one beautiful mama!!!

KimLookAlike said...

Found you through Roni- Congrats on having the courage to bare yourself! You are beautiful, girl!

AJ (who also bared myself today) :-)

MIchelle @Eatingjourney said...

can you please e-mail me...please :)

Thanks! ~M

Diana said...

Awesome post. :)


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