Monday, March 02, 2009

In Like a Lion...Out Like a Lamb?

The old proverb of in like a lion, out like a lamb will hopefully ring true as we start the month of March with a snowy 15 inches! Having school closed and Jay and I at home all day with the kids is an extra treat but it is like a sick joke that Mother Nature always plays. Just when I start dreaming of waking up early to jog in the springtime, winter rears its ugly head and tells me- NO!- stay inside and keep that layer of fat on for warmth! Ok, ok, so maybe dreaming of jogging in the morning would stay a dream regardless of the weather report, but hey, this girl knows how to pass blame.

My end of winter into springtime resolution is to write more. I miss blogging very much. It was such a great outlet and I have had very few posts over the last 7 months. And I kept thinking that as Ben gets older, I will be able to find more time. Ha! The joke is on me. Ben is finally getting to an age where he sits on his own but this little guy is like a dog without a bone. He swings fearlessly sideways from my grip, trying desperately to get to the ground to run and walk and jump...but alas, the poor kid can only sit, and with some serious trying, push himself around in a circle. And this is unbearably frustrating for him as he watches his big sister cruise by.

And cruise by is the only way to describe our Maggie. She is like a car driving the beach strip on a Friday night. Cruisin for action around town. She is constantly on the move, searching for things to play with, stuff to open, projects to start and then stop with a whimsical retreat. And she makes up her own tunes. I am currently trying to capture her singing her baby doll to sleep. It is priceless. "Go to sleep, say goodnight... go to SLEEEEEEEP!" And that last word is finished off in what can only be described as a crescendo of high soprano glee.

These two are a handful but amazing. I love every insane minute of it.

I am going to recap some of the last few weeks in photos in my next post. But with this one I leave you with my babes- photos by Pete Thompson.

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