Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today is a good day

Finally. I get a chance to sit and think about the meaning of this day. The mountainous meaning of this event. For nearly two years I have put my heart into the promise of what it might mean to elect Barack Obama. And now that time is here. The success of this day will not be lost on my children. I will chronicle it for them. I will save the newspaper with the headlines of history and hope. I will tell Ben that I breastfed him while I cried during Obama's acceptance speech in Grant Park. We will laugh when I relay the story of Maggie coming downstairs for breakfast and when I asked her, "Maggie, guess who the next President of the United States is?" and she answered thoughtfully, "Barack Omama."

I remember how four and even 8 years ago I spent the days after the election in a haze of anguish and uncertainty for the direction of our country. Today I tried to sympathize with my republican coworkers and friends on their similar feelings, but could not. I can empathize but my sympathy is withheld for Barack and the task he shall take on. To walk forward and lead us to a proud future.

Four years ago I listened to Al Franken on the radio after trekking to see John Kerry make his concession speech in Fanueil Hall. And now, 4 years later, Mr. Franken is awaiting a recount by a loss of 477 votes in a US Senate race in Minnesota. He's good enough, and smart enough, and doggone it, people liked him!

I stopped at a light in Cambridge as I drove into work and in the crosswalk walked an African-American family holding hands; a father, a mother, a daughter and son. Much like my own family except that the wide smiles on their faces showed a pride I cannot even claim to be my own. The significance of this victory holds so much more for that family. For those two children who will grown up with the notion that they too can be President some day. That their future holds so much more for them then it did just one day ago. I am proud to know my children will live in such a country, in such a world.

Today is a good day.


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