Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Two Weeks into Two Under Two!

Wow- it has been two weeks already? I feel so much more put together than I did after Maggie's birth that I feel like it has been two months. It could also be the fact that Ben slept through most of the first two weeks. That is one of the many differences between my two babies. The other ones are that he eats better, poops and pees on a nice schedule (is there such a thing?) and swaddling works with him. Perhaps it is just a result of how relaxed I am with him as opposed to Maggie? Or that I know what I am doing? This must be how nature makes it possible to have more than one kid.

So, here I sit catching up on my blog, listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack- SO GOOD- movie was fabulously wonderful by the way... and Ben is growing bigger and lost his umbillical cord stump so we gave him a real bath today...sigh.

Maggie is adjusting to life with 'Baby Ben' as she calls him. She never calls him Ben, it is always Baby Ben.

"Baby Ben is crying." - Yes, I know Maggie.

"Baby Ben- no touch my face."- Maggie, he can't control his arms yet sweetie...

"Baby Ben, no touch Mommy."- Maggie, Mommy is feeding Ben, he has to touch Mommy.

And my favorite, as we departed my parent's house, "Bye Baby Ben!"- No Maggie, Ben is coming back home with us.

But things are improving and today I even caught her as she went to kiss Ben. Say it with me people, "Awwww, how cute."

And here is a great shot of Grandpa Mike and his new grandson Ben.

And by the way, I owe some shout outs to some birthday folks (is this blog cool enough to claim shout outs?)

Happy Birthday Miss Susie, Emma (7 years old!!!), Lisa (who I missed in July) and well, I am sure I am missing someone else. I am way behind in correspondence but will get in touch with y'all and love you and miss you!


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