Monday, March 31, 2008

Car Accidents and Mel's Waitress Reunions

Well, I experienced my first real car accident where there was damage. First off, we are all fine. Jay, Maggie and I were stopping to get some Starbucks and a teenage driver in the space in front of us went to pull out into the road and she thought she was in drive but was actually in reverse. You can see from the pic below that she was gunning it to have not just tapped the car but drove up onto it, pushing the hood backwards and breaking lights etc. Thank God the airbags didn't go off as the cop said it would have been worse for me- especially being pregnant. Nothing hit the belly, although I did get a minor case of whiplash which seems to be subsiding. Jay and Maggie are completely unscathed, thank God. I think the only reason I felt anything was the position I was in when she hit the car and the fact that I have that hormone relaxin coursing through my body from the pregnancy which makes all my muscles and joints loose and relaxed, and prone to injury.

Anyway, it is my birthday week and I am now spending it in a crappy little rental car and filling my nights with searching for a new vehicle for us. We think that the damage, although it looks minor in the picture, is going to be pretty much match the value of the car so... R.I.P. Grand Prix. You have served us well these past 10 years. I just hope we can find something we can reliably drive and love for another ten years.

This is a picture of my friends Amy, Courtney and Lisa. We all met and worked together at Mel's Drive-in in San Francisco some 8-10 years ago. Amy, Lisa and I all live in New England now and see each other when we can find the time. But I hadn't seen Courtney in years! She is now selling stock and her territory is in Boston. It was fun to reminisce. Even with whiplash.

Some Pics From Easter


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