Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dust to Diamonds- What a Way to Go!

Ok, I want it known that when I meet my end I have discovered my preferred form of entombment. I already have told most of my loved ones that my wish is to be cremated. And I know it is creepy to talk about it but I would rather be open about it then end up in an open casket! So, along with the route of cremation I heard about this recently.

Life Gems. See how they do it here.

I could be a diamond to pass down through the family. Creepy or no? I found this out from an author of a book called, "Exit Strategy" by Michelle Cromer. She said she found a company who put her Dad's ashes in a golf club and she takes him to the green every Saturday. Hmmm. Not really sure how I feel about that but to each his own. And my only other desire would be to have my ashes released into space so I am sure this is cheaper.


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